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Microwaving Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes are known to contain very many nutrients. These nutritious food have cancer-fighting properties, will assist in improving the gut health, brain function and help your eyes. Cooking sweet potatoes can take a concise time if you opt to microwave them. Boiling the sweet potatoes can take more than 40 minutes, but with a microwave, they can get cooked within a blink of an eye. It si vital to note that microwaving then sweet potatoes is not a complicated process. Ahead are the procedure that you should follow to microwave sweet potatoes.

Washing the sweet potato is the first step when you want to microwave them. Since these are foods that are grown on the ground they contain a lot of dirt that will need to be removed. The time that you could have taken to peel the sweet potatoes is going to be saved once you wash them. Get the vegetable brush and scrub them running water. After washing, leave them to dry.

During the preparation stage, it is recommended that you pierce the sweet potatoes. Use a knife to do the piercing. While the sweet potatoes are cooking; the piercing will allow the steam to escape with ease. The risk that is associated with no piercing the sweet potatoes is that a lot of pressure can build up on the microwave and can lead to an explosion.

From there, you are supposed to wrap the sweet potatoes in a damp paper towel. The reason behind using a dump paper towel is to ensure that the potatoes have moisture while you are cooking them. The next thing to do is putting the wrapping in the safe plate of the microwave. Sit down and let the sweet potatoes to cook for at least six minutes. After these six minutes, you should check whether they are tender. The cooking process is over in the case they are soft. In the case they are not tender, you can consider increasing the time with an interval of one minute until the time when they are fully cooked.

Beside microwaving, there are other methods that can be used in cooking the sweet potatoes. You will also cook them by grilling, sautéing, or even baking them. Once the sweet potatoes are thoroughly cooked, there are a wide range for recipes that you can cook using them.

Once you are done with cooking, it is time to serve, and there are a range of toppings that you can consider. Sweet potatoes are a kind of food with many topping and most of these toppings can easily be found on your kitchen. Common toppings that you can consider are the green onion, sour cream, bacon, yogurt, and many more things. If you want to take the topping to another level; you can consider things such as pulled pork, French fried onions, fried eggs, salsa, and many more. View here for more.

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